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Ellen Strange Memorial Gig

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Date and Time

Sunday 10 July 2022

Meet at Emmanuel Holcombe Church, Chapel Lane, Holcombe BL8 4NB

at 11:45am

Limited parking is available outside the church. There is also parking half a mile away at Lumb Carr Car Road Park and you can also park along Lumb Carr Road. I am trying to secure car parking at The Shoulder of Mutton pub.

Note: It will be busy, so share cars, where possible.


Meeting Time: 11:45am

Start Time: 12:15pm-12:30pm

Finish Time: 1pm-1:15pm

We will be playing as part of the Ellen Strange commemoration event to remember all domestic violence victims. You can find out more information here

We will be playing the following songs:

  1. Top of the World Practice Book Page 47

  2. Dedicated Follower of Fashion Practice Book Page 12

  3. Fisherman's Blues Practice Book Page 15

  4. Folsom Prison Blues Practice Book Page 16

  5. Half the World Away Practice Book Page 18

  6. Hi Ho Silver Lining Practice Book Page 23

  7. I Wanna Be Like You Practice Book Page 24

  8. I'm The Urban Spaceman Practice Book Page 27

  9. Bring Me Sunshine Songbook 1 Page 7

  10. The Blackpool Belle Practice Book Page 44

  11. Whisky in the Jar Practice Book Page 49

  12. Eight Days a Week Practice Book Page 13


  1. Sunny Afternoon Practice Book Page 43

  2. At the Hop Songbook 5 Page 14

  3. Happy Together Practice Book Page 21

  4. Penny Arcade Practice Book Page 34

Or you can download the Remembering Ellen Strange Gig songbook here:

Ellen Strange Memorial 2022
Download PDF • 326KB

Any questions please ask.

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